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Birth of Shadows (version

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

I released the new version for Birth of Shadows. Here are the update items. I will explain some of them in the my next blog post. I will also provide some insight into the next update, which will be focusing on improved display effects (especially during combat).

Released on: August 24th, 2011

Changes since previous release:
- The game resolution should now try for desktop if within 2048×2048 (else next highest).
- The player tracking will now try to keep in “sweet spot” of screen depending on direction you are moving and scales to resolution.
- All game windows can now be resized and the dimensions will be saved along with the other game settings.
- Added configurable hotkeys for all abilities. Hit “hotkeys” button from setup menu. Available hoteys are numbers, letters, and spacebar.
- Game will try to lock to last processor on system to run more smoothly.
- Chat is now MMO-style (enter to gain input, enter to send message, where input focus is then lost).
- Backspace key can now be held down to delete characters quickly.
- Game will automatically select input box if player did not enter character name or fiancee name (for campaign).
- Added a new player attribute called deadly strike chance. This is chance to do additional damage to enemies below your tier (versus enemy). The amount of damage is multiplied by tier difference.
- Removed speed bonus from player character due to prestige increase.
- Increased player speed by 10 percent.
- Experience requirements are slightly lower so it is easier to gain levels.
- Game will notify when quest completed after all required items found.
- Increased respawn time of creatures from 5 to 8 minutes.
- Fixed some campaign content (wrong creatures).
- Removed a bunch of enemies from first board and made the final stronghold easier.
- Added mobs to stronghold of “The Crypt” that was missing them and gave reward to boost pet. Made some other tweaks to board.
- Added help info for prestige and gems.
- Tweaked text of some game menus.
- Used latest version of NSIS installer.
- Fixed bug with loading game settings (missing binary flag).
- Fixed minor autosave bug during init.

Game updates for August 2011

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

I don’t know how 2 years have passed since my last update. I got my new RTS up to a playable state about a year ago. I’ve got a test board with the monster models from my RPG and they are fighting each other. It looks pretty cool. I have most of the basic RTS components from my first RTS in it. I even have the network game pretty close to being playable.

However, I just got too busy and I had to put it on hold. I would have had to go through the code and refresh my memory about what I was focusing on at the time I took a break. So, instead of spending all that time, I decided to work on updates to my RPG and original RTS. My main focus is on my RPG since that has the best quality of the two games. I try to integrate common improvements to my RTS (and future RTS) whenever possible.

My next blog updates will list all of the improvements made in the new versions. I will also discuss the next game updates, including some exciting changes… such as an overhaul of my effects. I will finally add a true particle effects system and focus on adding fun effects during battles.

I am committed to working on my games for the rest of 2011. I hope to continue next year too as long as I have the time. Check back to keep updated on my progress. In the meantime, please give Birth of Shadows a try to see some of the new improvements! :)