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Birth of Shadows (version

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

I released version for Birth of Shadows on June 19th, 2012. Here are the update items:

- A gold bar is now displayed over your character to indicate recovery time after using an ability
- Added a particle trail for all abilities that are cast
- Added a smoke effect when a player pet despawns
- Added a cloud effect when players die
- Added a new explosion effect for slimes when they die
- Modified visual effect for plague ability of players
- All AoE abilites now have a visual effect
- Bosses now use purple for visual effects to help differentiate from normal creatures
- Normal casting creatures do slightly more damage for primary ability instead having an AoE
- Player scrolling no longer goes in reverse when following players
- Changed “enraged level” to “rage level” to clarify difference
- Screenshots are now saved with unique file name
- Added more help information to campaign tutorial
- Made many improvements to rendering engine
- Initial game resolution fixed when desktop is minimum resolution

This release mainly involved improvements to visual effects and a few tweaks to the gameplay. I made a lot of changes to the rendering engine in order to make it more flexible and efficient. These improvements will be important for the next game, which I will announce during the first week of July.

Until next time… :)