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Multi-threading finished for path engine

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

I finished the multi-threading code for the path engine. It works great! I’m able to push the path engine very hard and my FPS remains solid. I try to bind the path manager to processors other than the one where the main thread is bound. This way the path manager won’t take process time away from the main game thread. I was clicking path requests non-stop on an 8-year old dual core machine for a worst case path scenario and the main thread was never under duress. However, the other processor was pegged at times.

This week¬†I will work on a few things. I’m going to now use the async path manager to compute more accurate distances between resources. Next, I will add a new zealots manager that will be the foundation for the marching zealots. It will use the improved path manager, which is already setup to handle the different path data required for the zealots.

I’m excited to get the zealots gameplay working as intended. It will allow me to add some more of the gameplay from my original design. I’m really looking forward to playing against the computer when the zealots and corresponding computer AI are available. The new game actions that use the prestige generated from zealots should be interesting too. Can’t wait to play the game prototype¬†with those features! :)