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Been very busy!

Monday, January 28th, 2013

It has been hectic lately! The holidays kept me really busy for a few weeks and then I had a bunch of late nights at work during the next few weeks. I was still able to get a lot done during my spare time despite being so tired. Here are some of the highlights…

First, I redesigned some major parts of the game engine to make it easier to add new manager components. I had around 75 files opened for a few weeks while I made the necessary changes. I added a new game manager class that contains most of the other managers and helps simplify some of the code.

I put a new resource manager in the game manager. It is responsible for all interactions with resources, which made it possible to add a new gameplay concept. I combined resources, portals, and spawn points into one entity. These resources have a last known state for each player team in order to support the discovery of the resources and a quick way to see the last known state. All resources are now shown from the start of the game and are displayed as orange icons on the game map. Most importantly, the computer players use this same last known state so they are on equal ground with human players.

In addition, the resource manager uses the path manager to compute all possible paths between resources. These computations are done asynchronously so they don’t lockup the game during the process. These changes improve the accuracy of the targets that are generated for the computer players. Furthermore, it will make it easier to add the zealots manager, which is the next component that I will add to the game.

The zealots manager should really add a fun dimension to the gameplay. I have most of the supporting code ready so adding the zealots will not be too difficult. I will save the network part for later since that will have a few challenging issues.

My goal right now is to get the major gameplay coding done so that I can focus purely on gameplay mechanics for the next few months. Then I will work on the code changes for artwork that supports the new gameplay mechanics. While the art assets are being created, I will work on the remaining multiplayer code. I hope to have all of these parts done by the end of the year. During 2014, I will finish the art and sound assets while I create the Alpha, Beta, and Release Candidates. I am on schedule to have the initial release for Pursuit of Power 2 ready some time during December 2014.

I will try to provide updates more frequently if I have the time. I also plan to release a new video after I complete this next milestone… some time during March. If you have any questions about Pursuit of Power 2, please feel free to ask on the forum. I will be happy to discuss :)