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Fortress progress

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Life got busy again. I am now engaged! I also had some hectic weeks at my full-time job to meet release deadlines. I was still able to make some time to work on Pursuit of Power 2.

Players can now upgrade fortresses for the different tiers. This includes upgrading the portals and each individual fortification. All upgrades cost power, prestige, and require an idle upgrade timer for the target structure. The only exception is the basic fortification, which does not cost any prestige. Right now the upgrades only affect health for the structures. Eventually, I will add many upgrade options and benefits using a tech tree that is inspired by RPG class design.

In addition, I added a lot of the code required for capturing an enemy fortress. I now save the last known player as well as the last known type for each fortress component. This will keep the exploration design consistent since ownership can change while players are not viewing a previously discovered fortress. I also have the code in place for destroying an unprotected portal using a leader ability.

Players will also use this ability to purposely destroy a fortification in order to start a new upgrade path for it. As previously mentioned, players would only want to use this option as a last resort. The efficient way to gain new tech is by sharing it between fortresses using zealots. I should have that feature completed within the next few weeks.

I am working on some ideas for the fortress upgrades and combat. I think it would be interesting to treat the tiers like encounters in an MMO — solo, group, raid. The solo tier might be possible to kill with a single average creature, group would take a few troops, and a raid would require more advanced tactics. For example, a raid tower could have an upgrade that casts an AoE ability, which requires a player to move friendly troops in the area out of harms way. Thats just a simple example. This would work with the guardian concept too, which could be similar to a raid boss. I’m just not sure if that would be too much tactics in an RTS of this scope, so I will have to experiment with it.

For now, I mainly want to wrap-up the major fortress gameplay as well as the guardians. That would take care of the most challenging gameplay features. I’m confident that I can come up with lots of interesting abilities, upgrades, troops, and other gameplay concepts. That’s why I want to focus on finishing the time-intensive tasks as soon as possible.

I plan to discuss more details for the fortresses in my next blog post, including the research sharing and capturing by enemy players. Thanks for reading! :)