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Initial terrain redesign

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

I took the first 2 weeks of July off, so I could relax before the next game dev push. I had been working on Pursuit of Power 2 for most of the past year while having a full-time software job. I decided that I had earned a break :) After my mini-vacation, I started the next milestone, which is PRE-ALPHA 3. For this milestone, I am focusing on improving the graphics in many ways.

I am almost done with the initial redesign for terrain. My previous design was very restrictive due to the way that I used to blend the terrain between tiles. My new design is much more flexible and works great with detailed textures. I still have more work to do with the edges, but I think that the blending is much better now. The screenshot below is using some different placeholder textures just to show how the terrain can be much more detailed with my new design. The actual look, scale, quality, etc… will be different for the release version. My intent is just to show the increased level of detail when compared to the previous method.

Initial terrain redesign

My next step will be to increase the size of the tile dimensions in order to allow for better scaling. I want to make the scenery and structures larger so the scale is better versus other entities like troops. Then I will change the source textures to fit those dimensions, with the intention of having 9 different base terrain types. The terrain will then have what I’m calling a detail layer on top of the base terrain. This layer will contain entities such as rocks, flowers, vegetation, and other details that help add variety to the terrain. They will have depth so that troops and zealots can walk through them.

The details will be pseudo random in placement and orientation — possibly color too. They will not be displayed if a larger scenery entity is placed on top in the editor. Some of those obstacles will be based on a new dynamic system that I am going to design this August. That system will attempt to create varied trees and rock formations by using multiple pieces per item. Those scenery pieces will be scaled, rotated, and colored to ensure that there isn’t any repetition. Furthermore, I hope to create a “shake” effect when powerful spells are cast nearby. I think that would be a cool visual.

After all of those changes, I will work on the layout for assets. That’s important so I can be ready to begin the process for adding new artwork. I hope to start that process early October. I’m really excited to see all of the new systems in action with the production quality artwork. I will try to add screenshots along the way, as I add the new systems, using placeholder artwork until I get the new assets. Thanks for your interest and please visit again to check on my progress :)