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Artwork starting soon for Pursuit of Power 2

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

It’s taken me a lot longer to update my blog than I had anticipated. I just got married and life got really busy leading up to the wedding! I am starting to get things moving again and will try my best to update my progress more frequently.

I did finish most of the code for dynamic scenery. I grabbed some placeholder pieces of trees and created a design that puts those pieces together. The tree placement and other factors are randomized, which makes the trees look pretty varied. I am happy with the result. It will look even better with the production artwork, which will also have much more variety.

Speaking of artwork, I am excited to have Mark Jones making the artwork for Pursuit of Power 2! I am currently putting together the design document that describes the assets. There is a lot of artwork going into the game, so it is taking a while to complete. I hope to have it mostly done by this weekend… at least enough to get started in the next 1-2 weeks. I am really looking forward to seeing Mark’s new artwork in the game!

I have revised my schedule slightly to focus more on artwork and unit design for the remainder of 2013. I am trying to get all of the important stuff done now, so I am ready for a Kickstarter campaign during December. This time I will focus mostly on funding some of the game assets, which I think is a very reasonable goal. I will talk more about it in the next few weeks, so please check back again :)