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Artwork design almost finished

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

I’ve been refining the artwork design document for a few weeks. I have the major stuff done. Now I’m just tweaking a few things while I finish changing some of the asset layouts in game to match the document.

I also figured out the preliminary units for each leader army. I think they are interesting and pretty varied while remaining consistent for their leader. All leaders will have a unit that fits a gameplay role so armies will always be effective and balanced. However, the units will have abilities that are taken from the leader RPG class to make them unique. For example, a Shadow Knight tank unit might have the “taunt” ability that forces enemy units to target them instead of following normal troop AI behavior. This would allow units with lower health and higher damage to remain alive longer in a battle. I will eventually release the full unit list along with descriptions and abilities on the web site.

In addition, I worked on improvements for the rendering engine. I optimized the rendering for scenery and zealots. I am planning to allow up to 1500 zealots to be displayed on the screen at once. I added code to show a semi-transparent banner over each banner zealot. As a reminder, the banner zealots indicate the first zealot in a line that is continuous to the source fortress. These zealots will have special abilities and they can transfer rage to leaders for powerful abilities. The banner effect will fade-in when a new banner zealot is active. This happens often when banner zealots reach their destination fortress and the next zealot in line becomes active.

I will continue working on visual enhancements for the next few weeks. I want to add some more interesting effects, especially for some actions that don’t have any effect right now. For instance, summoning a tower just drops it in game without any casting visual. Also, I am finishing the layout changes to make sure that the artwork design looks good in game.

I hope to begin the artwork process in the near future. I will start showing new screenshots once I have enough of the production quality terrain and scenery in game. Thanks for reading! :)