Pulse events

I just finished the gameplay for a concept that I’m calling a pulse event. Every 2 seconds the world experiences a pulse event, where the magic crystals generate their power. Players now gain their power from all owned portals during this pulse event — all at the same time. In addition, source and destination portals with continuous zealots (no gaps) between them, process their pulse events during this time. The non-continuous zealots don’t produce any benefit, although certain types can still do reactive damage when killed.

If the target portal is active, prestige is gained for the source portal. Friendly portals can share technology, where the target portal gains a “pulse tick” of progress. This pulse tick can be accumulated from multiple sources at once, even while the target portal works on that same tech locally. That would be an unlikely scenario since it would be inefficient, but it would be possible if a player wanted to really speed-up the research of a particular active ability.

On the other hand, if the target portal is an enemy, the pulse event will disrupt the upgrade progress for the entire fortress. Under the hood, the game will add time to the upgrade timer in the amount of the pulse time (2 seconds). This is done for every enemy source portal that is generating a pulse event for that target portal. The maximum amount of upgrade time is currently 30 seconds, which is the same refresh time when a fortification is destroyed (to prevent instantly recreating destroyed fortifications).

Adding upgrade time essentially halts progression for the fortress, which prevents rebuilding fortifications and locally researching technology. Players can use this strategy to effectively lay seige to a fortress by cutting off “supplies” from friendly zealots while halting progression of a fortress. This enables the player’s troops to destroy the fortress.

Once destroyed, the player’s zealots will add prestige to the target fortress. The first player to add the required prestige will repair the portal and gain owneship. At some point, I will track damage done to the portal during the seige so I can give the tie-breaker to the player that did the most damage. Otherwise, other players could be vultures and just swoop in for the portal after another player did all of the work.

I’ve been testing these features, mainly by watching the computer AI play against each other. I think the flow of the game is really fun and interesting even at this stage. The interactions with the zealots allows for some unique gameplay. In the near future, I will add some additional components to the zealots to expand upon that gameplay.

The zealot at the front of a continuous line for a source portal will hold a banner to make it obvious. Right now I just make it partially transparent for debugging. This banner zealot will be a focal point for the gameplay. Leaders will gain rage during the pulse event when standing near a banner zealot and those marching zealots are not ”connected” to the destination portal. The leaders can gain up to 4 rage pulses and they start to decrease when a pulse event is missed until none exists.

This rage resource is required for the most powerful abilities. It will allow leaders to devastate enemy fortresses as well as gain the upperhand along the zealot paths. I envision intense battles happening along these lines as players struggle to push forward to an enemy fortress. Leaders can summon towers, blast enemies with abilities, and command their elite troops to destroy the enemies in an area.

I will give some special abilities for each leader class too. For example, the shadow mage might be able to teleport to a banner zealot in a surprise attack. Maybe the shadow knight can resurrect a fallen zealot to reconnect the zealot path, while the shadow stalker summons a swarm of beetles from a banner zealot to attack nearby enemies. I will work hard to create many interesting options for the zealot abilities.

My next step is to work on the guardians while I add the abilities and upgrade paths. I have many of the tech ideas on paper, but I need to implement them and figure out a logical way to divide those abilities/upgrades for multiple tech trees. Check back later to read about those details :)

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