Some gameplay tweaks and additions

I’m almost done with the current milestone. I’ve been able to complete most of the tasks, although I had to push a few things off to future milestones. I also made a few tweaks to some of the gameplay concepts described in the previous post.

Portals no longer share specific technology to destination portals. I wanted to streamline the technology process since I think there would have been too much micromanagement with choosing tech to share. It was also tough to separate types of technology that would be shared from bonuses that would not be shared.

Instead, I now just increase the progress of the technology being upgraded at the destination fortress. Each friendly source portal connected to a destination portal will add a “tick” of progress equal to that of the local fortress. For example, one source portal with continuous zealots will double the technology progress, two will triple it, etc. This design is more consistent too since any enemy portals will have the opposite effect where the progress will be disrupted by that same amount.

In addition, portals no longer summon any troop type.  Each fortification is responsible for a specific troop that can be summoned from the portal when it is built. The fortification has upgrades that are related to that troop, where the available upgrades are limited according to the tier of the portal. As the portals are upgraded, more options become available for those fortifications. The same fortification can be built multiple times at a fortress. There are 4 fortification slots total.

I will allow players to queue summoning troops. I also plan to tie the summoning to the fortifications so 4 troops can be summoned simultaneously at each fortress. I will have a fortress options bar that has all available troop types and zealot actions for the selected fortress. This fortress bar will always be displayed even when not selected, changing when a fortification or portal is selected at a different fortress. The selected structure will show upgrade options in a different options bar. I will make sure that the GUI is streamlined to make the fortress management easy for players.

I have some basic upgrades in place, but most will be added over time. I am aiming to have 6 unique troop types for each leader, as well as a unique flying guardian and zealot type for each. There will be 6 fortification types to match the available troops. Portals will have 3 types to show the current upgrade tier. With 3 different leader types, the artwork requirements will add up quickly. I hope the variety of troops and structures help make the game fun and interesting.

Finally, I added some code to upgrade a portal so it has a guardian protecting it. Right now, it’s just a simple attack that is powerful and can be used while the portal is invulnerable to attack. Eventually, I will add a cool effect of a guardian that looks like a shimmering image, protecting the fortress from harm. Also, players will be able to research a zealot ability to send the guardian to a destination fortress. If the guardian makes it to the destination, it will attack enemy portals and dump remaining health as prestige to friendly portals or those not owned by any player. This means a guardian could destroy an enemy fortress and then automatically claim it if enough prestige remains to meet the requirement.

I’m going to finish a few gameplay tasks before completing this milestone. I want to increase power yield for upgraded portals and add some basic upgrades for zealots. I might add some basic fortification upgrades too. I only have a simple health increase option at the moment for testing. Maybe I will add the troop queueing and multiple summoning too. Some more computer AI for upgrading would be useful to test the effectiveness of upgrades. I will see how much gameplay I can get into the game during this last week. The next phase is mainly for artwork, so I want to finish as much gameplay as I can before I start that phase.

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