Some initial assets for Pursuit of Power 2

I just had my first kid on Feb 7th, so I haven’t had too much time to work on Pursuit of Power 2. However, I did get some initial assets and I thought I would share them, as well as a few game concepts. Keep in mind these assets are still in progress, so they will require changes to fix some issues. Plus, the art style is different than the current placeholders, which means they won’t quite mesh until everything matches that style.

The screenshot below shows the first round of scenery details that sit on the placeholder terrain. These details are randomly placed when the board is originally created. The tree bottoms and tops are new too. They will be more overhead for the final version. The tree tops will be larger too so the scale is better versus troops. In addition, shadows will be added to tie everything together.

Initial terrain redesign

I’m planning to make the structures larger than the trees. The detached structures summoned by leaders will be the next largest. The fortress structures will be the largest in game. This will emphasize the importance of the structures as a focal point in the game, while creating a reasonable scale between entities without getting in the way. I will start by making structures semi-transparent so troops are not blocked visually. I will eventually automatically fade-out structures when troops are behind them.

After the scenery is tweaked, we will move to working on new terrain that will mesh with the scenery. Then work will begin on the structures, which will include the fortress and detached structures. I felt like the game needed more than just towers for detached structures. Therefore, I added a new type that leaders can summon. This new type will generate auras that benefit allies while being detrimental to enemies.

For example, the Shadow Knight could summon a graveyard that generates Dread Aura, possibly adding lifetaps to friendly units and a resistance debuff to enemies, which might even make certain leader abilities more potent. The graveyard could animate floating souls when active.

Damage done to enemies within range could feed the graveyard, increasing its potency and tier level over time. Each tier could improve the aura. They would drain when no damage is done, essentially only becoming active during battles in the area. Each leader class would have a unique aura structure.

Those are some of the concepts related to the aura structures, which will be revised over time. I found myself summoning towers often in battle and so I wanted to add variety. I think that another summoned structure should add some fun and interesting gameplay options for players while rounding-out the leader abilities.

As I get updated assets or new versions, I will share them. I’m going to do more work on the combat abilities and attributes for units. I will share those details too. That’s it for now! :)

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