Combat mechanics

I finished most of the unit design for troops and structures. I also implemented a lot of the core design for the combat mechanics of those units. That meant replacing my old combat effects with a new combat state concept. The new design contains the current rage level, immobilization state, and up to 12 active combat effects (e.g. buffs and debuffs). I use this structure to efficiently update network clients for state changes. Part of the design works for local games too.

The immobilization state reflects whether a troop is feared, stunned, mezzed, or not immobilized.  Each leader class has an elite troop type with one of those effects for its special ability. Only one can be active at a time. Immobilization prevents moving or attacking. There is an additional effect when the immobilized unit is hit by an enemy. For instance, a feared troop might generate a lifetap for the attacker, replenishing some health.

While immobilized, a troop will gain rage instead of decreasing over time. When a troop reaches the max tier 3 rage level, it will break the immobilization. All troops are immune to immobilization effects at tier 3. Leaders and the troops that cast the immobilization effects are permanently immune from it.

The effect is essentially used for crowd control, where a group of enemies can be incapacitated to turn the tide of a battle. The downside is that higher rage levels mean more damage by those troops. Therefore, it is important to kill immobilized troops quickly. That also goes for battles where damage done to enemy troops increases their rage.

I played a few games with some of the initial combat mechanics and it was really encouraging. The gameplay is coming along great. I was able to repel a large attack by carefully using my zealots to reduce time to rebuild my fortifications. I upgraded the portals to generate more power when I had a breather. I made use of my rally points and sent reinforcements while I counter-attacked my enemies. Also, the new assets are looking good, especially with all of the combat action taking place.

I will continue adding the gameplay elements I have on my task list. I’m hoping to have a lot of the gameplay done within the next few weeks. Hopefully I will have the next batch of artwork soon too. I can’t wait to see how everything looks a few months from now! Until next time… :)

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