Computer AI : sending zealots to attack target

I added some more intelligence to the computer players. The AI will now send zealots to attack targets, which is pretty much required to defeat a fortress. Previously, I just sent zealots to unprotected portals after the fortress was destroyed. This worked OK before I started to balance the gameplay. Once I added the tiers and modified the combat values, fortresses became much more difficult to defeat.

The computer player will send zealots to its current main attack target. They usually start to head over before the attack, which helps since they are slower than normal troop units. This way the attack troops sync up better with the zealots at the fortress destination.

In addition, I have a counter that allows repeating attacks instead of just moving to the next target if defeated at the current fortress. This tweak takes advantage of the damage done during the previous attack. I plan to add a lot more intelligence to the attack logic. Right now I just want to make sure that the computer player has a reasonable chance to defeat a fortress. That allows me to continue adding gameplay while balancing the combat values.

Next, I will probably implement the tiers for troop types. Each leader class has 6 main troop types, which will be separated into tiers (basic, heroic, elite). The higher tiers are stronger and also cost more power to summon. Each tier requires another concentration slot too, which limits the total number of troops that can be summoned at a time.

For example, basic troops might cost 500 power and take 1 concentration slot. Heroic might cost 1000 power and take 2 slots, while elite cost 1500 power and take 3 slots. This helps balance the game while allowing for powerful units.

At some point, I will add unit information to the web site to give a better idea of the combat gameplay. I’m trying to make more time for blog updates too. Thanks for stopping by :)

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