ALPHA 3 Milestone Completed!

I just completed the ALPHA 3 Milestone for Pursuit of Power 2. Only one more ALPHA milestone until I officially start working on BETA releases. That will mean I am mainly working on content, gameplay tweaks, and polish. Until then, I will continue to implement the remaining major components while fixing bugs that I find.

I improved the pulse event for multiplayer so zealot projectiles are shown if source or target is visible. That is a similar design to the previous update for player units. Sometimes the zealot pulse wouldn’t show on the client due to order of events. Now it works very well.

I streamlined my entity classes in order to consolidate some of the design for units. That made it easier to allow towers to be stealth, which will be used for at least one Stalker tower. It will be sort of like a trap. I also increased the towers to 3 per leader class. Each one is a separate tier to match the troops. They use focus too.

The additional towers will give me some more gameplay options. Right now I am probably using the previous tower as the tier 1 unit. It will have some basic abilities and provide a solid defense when it upgrades to max level. Tier 2 will involve some kind of buff or debuff AoE. Tier 3 will be a strong tower that is intended to control a key point on the map. It will most likely have multiple abilities that fire at the same time, including AoE zealot damage. That will help control an area and demand attention from enemy players.

I will continue to refine the tower design. I have some other ideas such as triggering AoE abilities when hit by leader abilities and possibly troops too. That mechanic could add some interesting gameplay options. Maybe zealots interact with them too. I definitely want to explore more ideas with the towers, zealots, and fortresses. I think the defensive capabilities of the fortress are too strong right now. Some more options are needed to improve offensive capabilities, which should always be greater than defense to ensure no stalemates.

I reduced troops per leader so now there are 5 total. That allows me to focus on more concrete roles. Plus I can move some of the abilities to the new towers. I’m considering a combined focus pool for summoning all units. Currently, I have separate troop and building focus to control the limits better. But I do like the idea of placing more importance on strategy with summoning units. I think that becomes more interesting with a combined unit focus.

I will be getting some outside feedback soon on those types of gameplay considerations. Every month I feel like I have more of the gameplay solidified. There are still some decisions to be made, but I feel good about the direction of the game. I look forward to showing some gameplay video in 1-2 months. I also have all 3 leaders completed, so I will show a screenshot of them in my next blog update. Oh yah… Happy New Year! :)

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