Prestige is back (and more)!

Before I start my update, I want to show the 3 leader classes as promised. They are the Shadow Knight, Mage, and Stalker classes from left to right.

Pursuit of Power 2 Leaders

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about ways to encourage (reward) aggression in the game. I think that is a good goal because it encourages battles and a path to ending the game. Otherwise I will just play Monopoly if I want a really long game :)

So I decided to add prestige back to the game, but done in a different way than previously envisioned. The most prestige is gained when your banner zealots reach an enemy fortress. You also gain some prestige when your “sacrificial tower” kills enemy zealots. The amount of prestige earned scales to the level of your tower, which increases over time. That way players can’t just drop a tower in a good spot and immediately gain a lot of prestige. The other player could counter the new tower by attacking it before max level is reached.

The prestige can then be used to cast some new avatar abilities I created. They are tied to the avatar presence that will be providing situational awareness in game, such as to warn of attacks. As a reminder, your avatar is the connection to your god from whom you derive your powers. The abilities are very powerful buffs and therefore have longer refresh timers than leader abilities. There are 4 total and they affect different aspects of the game (leader, troops, towers, zealots).

For example, the avatar ability of the Mage that affects leaders might alter an ability. It could modify the Meteor Shower ability that only affects troops so that it has an Aftershock component that also damages towers. That would be the only ability that players can cast to directly damage towers. In addition, the mage leader troop could be buffed in some way that gives a big advantage while the buff is active. That gives more value since the Meteor Shower ability could only be cast 3 times total while the avatar ability is active.

I’m pretty excited about the possibilities of the avatar abilities. I think the prestige will add some fun too. Right now avatar abilities will require prestige in addition to power. I could add prestige as a cost to other things in game, but I don’t want it to be the main focus. I just want to augment the current gameplay with it. I also think the concept of sacrificial towers is cool. I’m envisioning a Shadow Knight tower that is a guillotine with simultaneous long-range and short-range attacks. I have ideas for the other classes too, which I will reveal later.

I made another change to tower concept. I’m just going with 2 types for now. One is the tier 1 basic tower that will probably be affected by avatar abilities. The tier 2 tower is the sacrificial one. I’m keeping the unit pools separate between troops and towers. But, I’m limiting the towers to 50 max focus while the troops will be limited to 100 max focus. That should still give some strategy to unit selection.

I also made a bunch of fixes to the game setup for various situations. There were a few actions that could crash the game. The client and host could get out of sync too. Plus a bunch of other random stuff.

I’m continuing to work on the GUI layout. I am making room for the avatar, probably at the center of the menu bar. I’m tweaking the other information too. I should have the Dark Treant siege troop in game soon. It looks very cool. I’m planning to play my first net game over the Internet (as opposed to LAN) in about 3 weeks. More to follow… thanks for reading! :)

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