First internal alpha release

The screenshot below shows the structures for the Shadow Knight, which are currently being used for all 3 leaders until those sets have been completed. The fortification towers have a gargoyle at the top, which opens its wings during an attack. The portal stronghold continuously animates while it is active. Both have frames for being partially destroyed too. The bone tower is the basic tier 1  combat tower. The guillotine is the tier 2 tower that generates prestige when it kills enemy zealots. I added a dark treant to show the scale since that is the largest troop.

Pursuit of Power 2 SK Fortress

As for my progress, I made so many changes this past month that I don’t know where to begin. The game is in great shape. I just sent out a test build for the alpha version to a few friends. I want to start getting early feedback so I know if the game has any major issues. I also want to get an idea of what direction I should take the game, based on what aspects are the most fun.

I tweaked a bunch of stuff. The user interface is further along. Multiplayer had a few issues fixed. I moved all structures and magic sources to the final design layout. That allowed me to add the new artwork. I also made some changes to the design for the guardian.

For now, the guardian upgrade can be purchased after the fortress reaches max level. It costs both power and a lot of prestige. Once upgraded, fortification towers and banner zealots for that fortress gain an additional AoE ability. Those abilities refresh using the same timer that automatically levels those structures. That also means the refresh timers can be sped up by friendly zealots that reach the fortress. They can be halted too by enemy banner zealots.

In addition, a guardian buff becomes available that costs power and prestige. It adds a buff that lasts for 30 seconds. While active, those guardian attacks are greatly amplified. Enemies can be devastated with careful timing of that buff. Leaders can also use their zealot sacrifice ability to directly trigger the banner AoE in the middle of a group of enemies.

I’m going to update the web site this week. I hope to finally add a page that describes the units and other gameplay features. I’m completing the final alpha milestone in a few weeks. Then I will create a video that shows the main game features. I’ll also use the core part of that video for my Kickstarter campaign, which I plan to start on April 16th. More on that soon… thanks for reading! :)

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