A long overdue update

It’s been a hectic year. My wife and I had our second child about 8 months ago. We also did some work on our house around that time. Things are finally starting to settle down.

Over that time, Meagan continued to create new artwork for Pursuit of Power 2. I started sharing some of it on twitter and imgur. I recently updated the game page on my website to reflect the current state of the game. Even though I haven’t coded too much during the past year, I did work a lot on the game design for the remaining features.

I have always felt that I needed to do something dynamic in the game. After a lot of thought, I finished the concept for rifts, which spawn between opposing fortresses. They gain strength over time and constantly harass players on both ends of the rift (tied to the opposing fortresses). The rifts will send invaders to attack the fortresses, following the same path as the zealots for those players. The invaders become more powerful over time and reward players with prestige when killed. That sort of gives a base prestige accumulation over time.

The main purpose of the rifts is to provide raid encounters that spawn waves of enemies and a boss. The events will be dynamic and create a lot of opportunities for fun. I can see other players trying to disrupt those fights by attacking the triggering player. There will be a race against time since the event must be defeated within a certain limit. If the rift event is completed successfully, it rewards the player with a lot of prestige.

That leads to the next concept, which is leveling-up the leaders using prestige, much like experience in an RPG. I want players to have some room to decide upgrade paths, based on the situation of the game. It will be somewhat of a race to the more powerful upgrades too. I plan to explain that in more detail soon.

I am launching a Kickstarter on January 31st to build a community behind the game. That will also allow for the possibility of some stretch goal concepts. Pursuit of Power 2 is already Greenlit and I will begin integration with Steam over the next few months. Please check back again to learn more about the game. Thanks!

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