May 24th, 2006

I have been lazy with the updates lately, so I’m going to give one now ;)  I am mostly working on the content at this point.  I have 11 of 17 campaign boards completed.  In case you didn’t notice, I decided to reduce the max campaign boards from 21 to 17 for this release.  I want to have some time for adding additional skirmish boards.  I will most likely add some more campaign boards with each major update.

I am happy with the campaign boards that I have created.  They are pretty challenging and I enjoy playing them.  I really have no idea how hard they will be to the average player.  I let people choose some easier difficulty levels if they have trouble with a board.  Hopefully, that will ensure I don’t have any frustrated customers.  I would rather err on too difficult since it is much easier to decrease the challenge than it is to increase it.

The other content is also coming along well.  The music tracks are done.  The license for the demo and retail versions are done.  The demo is ready too.  The artwork is still in progress.  I have seen some more of it and I am very excited to add the final art into the game.

The coding should be done for the release.  I fixed a few more issues that I discovered while working on the content. Most were fairly minor ones.  I did, however, find one major bug that surprised me.  The scenery/terrain compression code I created over a year ago had a bug that occurred in a rare case.  Luckily, I came across this bug when working on one of the recent campaign boards.  It failed to load and I was able to track it down to a piece of code that I have always been a bit suspicious of … I think I was just too busy at the time of creation to thoroughly test it.  Even though I thought I tried enough cases, I simply missed this one.

Regardless, it is fixed and I just hope there aren’t any other major bugs in the code.  Of course, I know that my game will have bugs in the initial version no matter how much I test it.  Complex code will always have bugs in it.  I have a bit more testing left to accomplish and then I will just have to make my peace with it and release the game.  I am confident that my game will live up to expectations.

The next update will occur before the demo release.  I was hoping I could release the demo this Saturday (5/27), but I’m not sure if the artwork will be done in time.  Worst case, it will be ready by next Friday (6/2).  The retail version will be on sale 1 week from the demo release.  I am very excited :)

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