First public release

(Originally posted on June 04, 2006)

I guess I should start putting descriptive titles up, even though I prefer to be lazy.  As it states, I have made my first public release.  I am looking to get feedback on the test version of my demo.  It is missing some scenery art, but the rest of it is complete.  Hopefully, I won’t have any unexpected issues come up.  I should probably expect it, though.

I only made a few code changes during the past week.  I decided to go with the consensus and force my game to use only 1 processor.  I haven’t seen any timing problems with my dual core machine, but it is probably a good idea to play it safe.  I didn’t notice any performance decrease.

I also decided to handle my victory condition more intelligently.  The game could be left “dangling:” in some situations, where one team had a clear victory.  For instance, if one team has a portal and the other only has some towers, it is really over.  The team with the portal can keep producing troops indefinitely so there isn’t any need to prolong the game.  I handle a draw condition as well.  If both teams only have buildings left (no portals) then it ends in a draw.  There are a few subtle variations, but that is the basic idea.  My main worry was that someone would be playing and wipe out everything except some hidden bunkers.  I don’t want to frustrate the player by requiring the destruction of the bunkers.  The game is over so just end it.

I finished up some loose-ends like the manual and help window.  I think I covered the most important game topics.  I can always revise and add new help in an update.  The web site needed some work too.  I added a bunch of new screenshots a few hours ago.  The game has the new troop animations so I decided to put them on display immediately.  They look better in game, but the screenshots give a reasonable idea.  I am very happy with the animations.  It is cool to see them finally attack.  It definitely livens up the battles.

I suppose I should go make my demo post on the IndieGamer forums before I fall asleep.  Hopefully, I didn’t mess anything up from lack of sleep :)

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