Quick update

I want to give a quick update on Birth of Shadows to those wondering about its progress.  I am currently finishing an update of the Beta version that I will submit to the IGF competition.  I don’t know if the judges will have a chance to look at it, but the update will provide some significant additional content.  I also added portals and enemy bosses to the game.

In the near future, I will begin to list the exact items I am working on until the release.  I also want to add a movie to show the multiplayer game.  In particular, I want to show a few people attempting to defeat a stronghold.  I hope to convey how players must work together to take on some of the challenges.  It will also help show the multiplayer component of the game, which won’t be available in the demo.

I think I am on schedule to deliver Birth of Shadows by November 30th, 2007.  I’ll have to move a few “wish list” items to the first update.   However, I expect to have all main features and content ready in time.   I am focusing on polishing the campaign content and gameplay.  I can continue to improve the other parts of the game as I update it.  I will give some more specifics within a few days.

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