Dialog takes forever

I’m trying to finish the new dialog for the second campaign area by tonight.  It takes a pretty long time to create dialog for NPCs.  I want the dialog to sound interesting and stay within the theme.  I also don’t have a script, so I have to come up with the story details as I create the new boards.

I really like how the second area is shaping-up.  There’s a lot of different stuff to do, and the story starts to gain momentum.  I have several main goals for the board and they are important to the story.  I’m anxious to finish the board so I can play it.  I think it will be a lot of fun.

I will have the IGF update uploaded before Saturday… maybe the judges will be able to check it out over the weekend.  Then, I will immediately work on getting the open Beta version ready.  I expect to spend a little over a week on that process.  If possible, I will get a movie recorded before I finally show my game to the public.  By the way, the open Beta release will not be shown on my site.  I will get feedback from another forum.

That gives me about 3 weeks to finish up the game content.  It should be enough time.  It’s usually not a good idea to give a precise date, but the November 30th release still looks good.

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