Birth of Shadows - Beta 2 Milestone

I sent out the (internal) release for the Beta 2 milestone last night.  It was the last closed release for Birth of Shadows.  In about 1 week, I will have a Beta version of the demo available for testing.  The main goal of the demo testing will be to gain feedback on bugs, difficulty, content, and Vista compatibility.

I will be working on proper Vista support this coming week.  It is the last major task before final release, not including the remaining content.  I don’t have Vista, so I am just going to try and make the necessary changes, which mostly involve saving user content in the recommended folders.  I use a few REG keys that need to be changed too.  That should eliminate the legacy mode that is currently required for my game.

The other items are mostly minor… stuff like adding more autosave slots.  I think I am going to just add the extra editor features during an update.  I want to get the game out on time and people will be busy playing the game before wanting to create new content.  I should be able to get the update out before it is an issue.

The game itself is working very well.  There are no known bugs at this time.  I just got done playing a network game with a friend.  We were playing non-stop for the past 5 hours.  Multiplayer games are such a blast.  Now that I have portals in place, it’s not a big deal if you keep dying.  We just kill stuff up to the destination portal, activate it, then go try strongholds and bosses in the area.  If (when) we die, we can just take the source portal that will be typically near the spawn point.  This lets players try out different strategies without becoming frustrated, while preventing “zerging”.  Good fun :)
I will try to get the final task list posted in the public forum soon.  I also want to get that movie created.  I need to figure out how the recording application works.  Otherwise, I could have taken some cool movie clips tonight.  In addition, I want to comment on another game feature in depth some time this week.  I haven’t decided what it will be yet.  Check back later if you want to find out ;)

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