Birth of Shadows - Demo

The initial version of the demo for Birth of Shadows is now ready.  The full version will follow in about 1 week.  Please let me know on the forums if you encounter any problems with the demo.

I also want to give a brief description of the game genre.  I would classify Birth of Shadows as an action RPG with MMORPG-style combat.  Players select targets and use abilities on creatures with some tactical decisions.  As players get further into the game, they will encounter increasing variation of creature types that will require different tactics.  There’s also various interaction between players and objects as well as NPCs.  Quests and dialog help provide the foundation for the story, which is very deep.  Check out the information page for more details on the features.

I tried to create a game with some unique qualities.  I’ve spent more than a year working on it.  That’s on top of another 3 years that I have spent developing the engine and my RTS game.  I have put all of my effort into making Birth of Shadows and I am very proud of it.

I hope that people have some fun with my game.  I absolutely love playing it.  Hopefully, others will too :)

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