Working on new skirmish board

It’s been a while since I last posted so here is an update.  As you might have noticed, I finally got around to upgrading the forums.  They now support attachments and make it easier for me to deal with spam registrations.  I’m still learning about the features, so attachments are disabled for now.

I am currently working on a new skirmish board.  The general theme involves defeating a lich queen that inhabits a crypt.  I am designing it as a dungeon crawl with hidden areas and various items that unlock doors.  There will be tons of creatures as well as strongholds and bosses.  Portals are being used to offset the difficulty.  I don’t want to force players to defeat the same content upon each death.

My time is going to be less flexible in the future, so updates will be slow.  I still plan to periodically release skirmish boards and game updates.  The first one will be for my RTS and then eventually I will release one for my RPG.

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