Birth of Shadows (version

I released version for Birth of Shadows on November 13th, 2011. Here are the update items:

- Added trail to projectiles for greater impact
- Added AoE effect for exploding slimes and player’s “plague” ability
- Added ENRAGED! text to enemies (with protection against spamming it)
- Added a splatter effect when enemies are slain
- Red spiral effect is now used for special AoE ability of skeletons
- Added shadows to most scenery and animations
- Some scenery is now flipped horizonally to break-up continuous blocks
- Added a new main menu
- Fixed minor stuttering when right-clicking continuously to move player
- Player is now correctly centered when auto-following while moving

I’m really happy with the way this update turned out. I think the new combat effects and shadows add a lot to the atmosphere of the game. My next update will focus on some GUI improvements and a new skirmish board. Details to follow!

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