Birth of Shadows (version

I released version for Birth of Shadows on January 16th, 2012. Here are the update items:

- Improved character window (char model, text colors, etc.)
- Improved save game window (file list, board information, etc.)
- Added editor stats to spawn points window
- Moved delete file option to file list window (now a button)
- Moved new skirmish boards to user folder to fix permission issues
- Added prestige level notification to chat box for local player
- Added campaign board number to display for saved campaign games
- Made it easier to read message for full version features in demo

The update mainly improved GUI elements and added a new skirmish board called “Descent”. The new board is designed for 3 players. It doesn’t have too many trash mobs, so you can just move from one boss to another. There are a few strongholds too. I also lowered the price of the game to $9.95, so hopefully some more people will give it a try :)

Next, I am planning to make a video of the multiplayer game to give people an idea of what it’s like. After that, I will probably integrate some of the updates from BoS into my original RTS and the new prototype RTS that is in progress. As always, details to follow…

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