Pursuit of Power 2 - Funding

I’ve added more information for Pursuit of Power 2┬árecently. The manual has been updated with new game design details. I uploaded a new art concept for the Shadow Mage on the screenshots page too.

Most of my time has been dedicated to my Kickstarter submission that will launch within the next 12 hours. I didn’t realize how tough it would be to make a video! I really wanted to communicate my ideas clearly, which took countless re-takes to get right. I put a lot of work into the information page too. I tried to find a good balance between providing enough details to convey my ideas while keeping the page concise. I really didn’t want to ramble too much. I think everything turned out pretty well, but I guess I will see soon :)

I will link to the funding page in my next post when I launch the submission. Check back soon! :)

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