Completed Pre-Alpha 1 Milestone

I finished the Pre-Alpha 1 milestone this week for Pursuit of Power 2. I mainly worked on the computer AI for placing banners so their zealots can march between portals. It was fun to see all of the zealots marching around the board. I added a quick debug counter and saw around 500 zealots active on a simple board with short paths. I think the level of zealot activity definitely added to the immersion of the game. It will be interesting to see how the game shapes-up when I give more complex goals and add the more advanced gameplay options like elite troops.

The following screenshot shows a basic board that I use for functional testing of the zealots. I (in gold) am attacking a pair of enemy portals (in red) with the help of my team member (in blue). You can see some of my gold zealots marching towards the red portal, where the closest one is getting hit with a spell by the enemy wraith. I placed two towers that are picking-off some of the red zealots marching out of the red portals. A few make it out alive and march northwest towards a safer friendly portal.

Marching Zealots

My next milestone will begin with implementing new gameplay mechanics for the fortress. I will start by adding the option for towers and walls that surround the portal. These towers and walls can be upgraded and determine some of the available gameplay options for players. Also, the new fortresses will act as control points, where ownership can change if enough enemy zealots reach a portal. The defensive walls will prevent this change in ownership until they are destroyed. This gameplay enhancement will allow players to move towards enemy fortifications with shorter distances for reinforcements. It should create an interesting flow to the game as well.

I will give more of the gameplay details in future blog posts. These next few months are dedicated to gameplay, so I am really looking forward to seeing how the game evolves. Check back to see the newest improvements :)

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